Case Study: Cabot Credit Management

08/03/2018 | Case Studies, Resources

Case Study: Cabot Credit Management



Cabot Credit Management (CCM) are the largest credit management services provider in the UK and Europe’s largest debt purchaser. Customer service and regulatory compliance are at the heart of CCM’s business and are implemented through their collections strategy. CCM’s 180-month ERC — Estimated Remaining Collections – was £2.7 billion as at 31 December 2017


CCM had a number of processes where manual intervention was required by human employees holding together a number of workarounds within payment processing, allocations and reconciliations across the business. Moving and manipulating large volumes of files and data manually presented significant delays and a cumbersome compliance process. An intelligent automation solution was sought to mitigate potential compliance risks, reduce the volume of manual processing, and achieve business driven change.

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