The Impact of Intelligent Automation Infographic

16/11/2017 | Infographics

Impact of Intelligent Automation

In this infographic, we look at the impact of intelligent automation across a business — by looking at three key areas; organizations, employees and customers.  The statistics illustrated in the infographic demonstrate the transformative nature of intelligent automation and how it will fundamentally impact the future of organizations, the work their employees do and the services they deliver to customers.


By combining AI, RPA & other automation technologies, intelligent automation allows organizations to truly transform the way they work. By combining human workers and virtual workers, organizations can augment their workforce – which will significantly impact the way in which they perform work and the potential value they can deliver to customers.

Organizational Stats

-64% of management and financial tasks could be automated by 2020

-80% of rules based processes could be automated

-52% sales processes & tasks could be automated by 2020


In organizations that are embracing intelligent automation, the work their employees do is changing. Instead of employees spending their time on repetitive, mundane tasks, now they are spending time adding value, being creative or interacting with customers. This not only removes them from tasks that are prone to error, but employees can now partake in more rewarding work and develop more fulfilling careers.

Employees Stats

-25% of work could potentially be automated

– 60% of jobs could have 30% of tasks automated

– IT departments spend 30% of their time basic tasks


When employees and organizations spend less time on low value tasks, they have more time to spend with customers. And, by using intelligent automation, organizations can return up to 30% of employee time back to the business, which means they can spend more time listening intently to customers and enhancing customer experiences — increasing customer satisfaction levels.

Customers Stats

-80% cut in average handling time

-90% reduction in response time to customers

– 50% increase in customer satisfaction levels

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