Infographic: Unlocking Human Potential

Intelligent Automation: Unlocking Human Potential

Unlocking Human Potential with Intelligent Automation

In this infographic, we look how Intelligent Automation is making work more human. Freeing up peoples’ time so they can make a real difference in workplaces around the globe.

What is Intelligent Automation?

Intelligent Automation, in the form of digital workers, combines Artificial Intelligent (AI) with Robotic Process Automation (RPA). Multi-skilled digital workers emulate the actions of human carrying out office-based work: freeing people from the repetitive, time intensive tasks that slow them down.

33% of peoples’ time is spent on data collection and processing, of which 70% could be automated today.

Free people from repetitive and time consuming work.

Which is why many organizations are now trying to take the robot out of the human with automation.

70% of people hope AI will do some of the current tasks they perform

52% of companies are looking at human and machines working together

The liberation of people from repetitive tasks will allow they to work on value-added and human tasks — such as creativity, compassion, collaboration, critical thinking and curiosity.

More time to make a difference

53% of people think technology has made their work more interesting

80% of executives believe AI improves worker performance

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