Award winning intelligent automation products to enhance your Blue Prism connected-RPA platform

The Blue Prism Cloud Digital Workforce.

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Increase utilization and simplify management of your digital workforce

Three of the core capabilities from the award-winning Blue Prism Cloud SaaS intelligent automation platform are now available as products for Blue Prism clients to add to their connected-RPA solutions via the Blue Prism Enterprise Digital Exchange (DX).

These SaaS offerings underpin Blue Prism’s connected-RPA strategy to provide a Digital Workforce for every Enterprise, built with the industry’s most comprehensive portfolio of automation solutions. In line with this strategy, these latest capabilities are being made available directly from Blue Prism’s Enterprise DX and through partners. Each one addresses key needs for enterprises looking to maximize value from their investment.

Enjoy the benefit of AI technologies that increase utilization while simplifying management of an intelligent digital workforce. Facilitate closer collaboration between humans and digital workers.

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Blue Prism Cloud Hub

Manage automation lifecycles with Hub: Identify, Scope, Design, Build, Test, Deploy and Operate enterprise process automations.

Hub’s business-friendly interface and control room environment gives organizations access and insight into their process automation landscape, including digital worker utilization and performance and the ability to support CoE roles and responsibilities in guiding successful and scalable outcomes. Hub can also be accessed anywhere there is an internet connection and is designed with end-user security in mind.

Users of Blue Prism Cloud Hub will also have access to Wireframer, a powerful process automation design tool that autonomously builds out the core process structure, ensuring that the appropriate controls are in place for everything from application interaction through to exception handling.

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Blue Prism Cloud Interact

Collaborate and interact more effectively with your digital workers. Blue Prism Cloud Interact is a web interface that acts as a bridge between people and digital workers.

Accessible via a browser on any computer or mobile device, BPC Interact is designed to address any process that requires manual initiation (attended automation), or human intervention (human-in-the-loop). Interact can also be customized to fit the business’s branding guidelines and the look/feel of an individual business. Business users leverage simple, ready to use templates in order to create new dynamic web forms that create flexible automations addressing a wide range of use cases

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Blue Prism® Cloud IADA

Blue Prism Cloud Intelligent Automation Digital Assistant (BP Cloud IADA) acts as the brain of the Blue Prism digital workforce, overseeing cross-departmental workers in a management capacity. BPC IADA sits at the center – supporting the communication of the subcomponents, creating machine learning-driven levels of utilization, and providing cognitive capabilities to the digital worker execution layer.

BP Cloud IADA aligns business metrics to varied workloads to drive priorities and service level agreements (SLAs), as well as determine order. This ensures work is distributed appropriately to maximize utilization.

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