How to make your legacy systems perform like new with intelligent automation

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How to make your legacy systems perform like new with intelligent automation

Unless you’re a techie, most people haven’t – or wouldn’t want to– work with a “green screen” system.
Whilst your legacy systems and applications were once cutting edge, they are likely now considered unintuitive and slow in comparison to their modern-day counterparts. The problem is, while legacy systems and applications still perform their job and are highly critical to the success of your business, employees and customers alike do not wish to interact via these channels.

Chances are, if you’re like many finance or insurance companies, you’ve stored important information about all of your customers’ in these legacy systems, so your staff must regularly use them to deliver your products and services. While they may have to use them, you already know that this situation isn’t conducive to high levels of productivity or customer service.
So, with that in mind, what are your option for creating a digital service and moving away from “green screens” and legacy systems into the new digital economy?

“Rip and Replace”
You could “rip and replace” your current systems and embark upon a digital change program to implement a new system, using modern interfaces and streamlining your business process. But, while it’ll work, implementing a new system or application into your organization often requires significant investment and comes with a high degree of risk.
For most organizations, digital change programs take years of commitment to complete, as you are required to perform an array of large tasks such as safely managing data transfer, the creation of new software applications, replacement of business logic and retraining of staff. And while this could run smoothly, we’ve all seen high profile digital change programs and projects fail.

Modernise with Intelligent Automation
Rather than go down the expensive and risky route of a digital change program, you can modernise using intelligent automation. This approach combines the use of virtual workers and web based input channels to manipulate your current applications, giving you many of the benefits of a new system –without having to disrupt your business.
By taking this approach, your customers and employees enjoy a modern intuitive user interface and all interactions with legacy systems and applications are handled by virtual workers.
As a result, tasks such as data query and capture which would be error-prone and time-consuming, are performed in an instant and without error by virtual workers. So, you can deliver a digital service to your customers and improve the job satisfaction of your staff – while cutting your costs and reducing your time to market.

Given the time and cost it takes to implement a new system, we would recommend you take advantage of the power of intelligent automation to make your old systems new and leave the “green screens” behind.

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