22 November 2016

6 THINGS A VIRTUAL WORKER ‘WON’T’ DO – AND 6 IT ‘CAN’T’   If you’re not sure about whether to implement Virtual Workers in your business, here’s a really quick and dirty way to help you make your mind up.   6 Things a Virtual Worker Won’t Do   1. Be late for work 2....

Wall design
10 November 2016

Why Manufacturing Is Still Leading the Productivity Charge   You know when you’re casually leafing through a newspaper from the 1960’s and you come across an ad demonstrating how a machine can replace manual workers? Well that’s the position I found myself in, and it reminded me how advances in manufacturing still lead the way...

Houses design
08 November 2016

How to Evaluate Robotic Process Automation Providers I wish I could say we’ve found a way to make it as simple as buying car insurance, but I can’t. What we have found is a result of years of experience working with clients evaluating RPA, and the benefit of numerous customer implementations and associated tender processes,...

Architecture - Tower houses
01 November 2016

Digital Labor is Here The era of Digital Labor is here. There can be no doubting the impact that is having on the world of people based services. If we look back at the history of outsourcing, we have broadly seen its development in 5 phases, as shown below; As we enter the domain of...

27 October 2016

Productivity: You’ve got it all wrong For a long time we’ve had it all wrong when it comes to productivity in service industries. In a rush to increase customer and shareholder value or lower the total cost of service provision, two of the most popular strategies are proving spectacularly unsuccessful as long term bets: 1....

View to the sky
18 October 2016

The Problem with People When you’re running a business one of your greatest assets is also the cause of all of your problems: people.  It is possible that this view won’t go down well with a lot of HR professionals but it’s about time we called some of these things out: Not my department  We...

CEO Thoughtonomy
01 July 2016

Thoughtonomy CEO interviewed by the National Outsourcing Association   In a short video, freshly recognised 2016 Automation Champion, Terry Walby of Thoughtonomy is interviewed by the NOA on his opinion of the automation landscape, and the impact on outsourcing providers. You can watch the full video here

08 June 2016

Press Release Delivering Relevance. Releasing Influence Thoughtonomy, whose innovative automation solution uses Robotic Process Automation to remove manual activities from IT and Business operations announce a unique new commercial offering with the pay as you go Virtual Workforce and no minimum commitment. June 8th, 2016 OLYMPIA, LONDON, UK Timed to coincide with their sponsorship of...

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