30/03/2020 | blog

The highly anticipated Blue Prism Cloud intelligent automation NHS shared marketplace is now available for registrations by any NHS users of the Blue Prism Cloud platform.

Available to Blue Prism Cloud NHS customers through Blue Prism’s Digital Exchange (DX), the collaboration platform offers a space to share automation work in a secure environment.

Intelligent automation as part of a digital transformation programme offers the opportunity for the NHS to transform services, drive improvements in care and relieve budgetary pressures. This platform means that Trusts and other NHS organisations can work together to find solutions faster.

The driving force behind the Blue Prism Cloud NHS DX is Darren Atkins, CTO at East Suffolk and North Essex Foundation Trust (ESNEFT). ESNEFT has contributed over 40 processes so far to launch the platform and Darren is keen to help other Blue Prism Cloud users share their own.

To find out more about how to get involved, visit Darren’s blog

With the shared facility up and running, Blue Prism Cloud is confident that more NHS clients will share their own processes, creating an extensive library that will help any Trust new to intelligent automation to get their programme up and running quickly.

The process templates available in the NHS Digital Exchange are proven successes for ESNEFT, such as DNA (did not attend) appointment management and patient referral management.  Back-office functions such as HR and finance are also covered.

In addition to the shared processes, Trusts can use the Digital Exchange to collaborate on shared projects.

Patrick Shephard, a leader in Blue Prism Cloud’s UK Healthcare Practice, said: “The shared marketplace is a great example of how NHS Trusts can work together to drive efficiencies, protect and support front-line staff and improve patient care through intelligent automation. We’re delighted to support and facilitate this initiative.”

We’ve already seen how the fantastic automation work being done in one Trust can easily be applied elsewhere to deliver game-changing results to staff and patients at other Trusts.  We’re excited to help them realise the enormous benefits that intelligent automation can deliver, in particular addressing and overcoming many of the major budgetary and skills-related challenges facing the NHS today.”

The NHS Blue Prism Cloud Digital Exchange has been realised through the vision and dedication of Darren Atkins, who said: “The release of Blue Prism Cloud’s NHS Digital Exchange realises my ambition of collaborating with healthcare partners across the UK. By sharing our learning and jointly working on automations to satisfy a common goal, we are able to release time for our clinical and corporate staff faster, more efficiently and at a reduced cost.”

For more information about how the Blue Prism Cloud intelligent automation platform can help your NHS organisation, drop us a demo request.

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