Smallest Deployment of RPA in the industry

28/04/2017 | News
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Smallest Deployment of RPA in the industry

Two years ago I played my part in the deployment of what was at that time the largest deployment of RPA to date, a flagship solution delivered a few thousand miles away from our HQ in London, absorbing the workload of many hundreds of FTE and delivered in just 4 months. In recent times it seems the main point of reference (and fame) for RPA prowess sits with the ‘total amount of robots’, and those with the largest deployment seek to take the seat at the head of the table, puffing their chests proudly to demonstrate their stature.

The claim of which we are quietly proud at the Thoughtonomy table is to be repeatedly responsible for the production deployment of the smallest number of virtual workers, or more importantly, exactly the right number..!

By taking an approach of cloud based scalability, allowing virtual workers to be provisioned and de-provisioned based on business demand, organisations no longer need scale (or license) for peak workloads – which, after all, is taking the same broken ‘resource for peak’ approach as they would for their human workforce.

Likewise, with the application of Intelligent Automation coupled with Autonomic Scheduling a platform can strip away areas of low utilisation into condensed windows of operation with no human operator overhead.

If you’re not maximising your RPA investment and want a fresh look on some of the advances Thoughtonomy are making then I’d be interested to hear your story.


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Danny Major, Head of Services

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