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Your organisation lives in a heavily regulated but vital sector, an ecosystem providing essential power and water to support the needs of modern life. We’ll help you power up business processes across your departments and functions, across your front, middle and back office teams. Our platform helps put the power back in your hands so you can transform your business, increase revenues and reduce costs.

6 Process Examples


Compile, manage and process capacity metering accurately and rapidly – without the risk of human error. Drive optimized billing, reporting and distribution processes by ensuring the foundation or measurement are consistently updated.

Customer Records management

Maintain your customer records consistently across your systems with virtual workers. Our platform makes management easy, with your data automated and synchronized across systems, you can be sure it’s always up to date.

Billing and settlements

Build consistent relationships with your customers by automating payment requests. Whether you are chasing late receivables, correcting overcharges, or just to need to process payments, act in confidence with virtual workers.

Correcting misreads

Resolve your customers’ meter misreadings with automated validation and correction by virtual workers. Our virtual workers keep your customers happy by ensuring you get it right – even when they get it wrong.

Complaints Management

Speed up your complaint resolution times by automating complaints management. Our virtual workers automate the complaints processes – giving your people time for people.

Customer Transfers

Move your customers on or off your platforms without delay with virtual workers automating transfers. Create a smooth window of transfer without the painful manual process.

Case study


to Implement

Utilita actively embarked on their strategic vision of gaining more business efficiencies about a year ago. Utilita was challenged with a number of processes that were labor intensive and repetitive.
The Blue Prism Cloud Digital Workforce® was selected by Utilita as their RPA vendor of choice because of the ease of integration with their in-housebuilt applications,

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