Front Office Automation

Letting Your People focus on the customer

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Making processes work for you

Automation makes each process work for you so that your people can take care of people. Our virtual workforce takes the repetitive processes within your department and precisely automates them. Taking your front office staff away from mundane processes and turning them towards taking care of people – all while you make considerable efficiency savings.

9 Process Examples

Customer Management

Keep a clear view of both your new and existing customers across your systems. Ensure your customer data is managed consistently by using virtual workers to automate customer management.

Self-Service Catalogue

Help your customers to help themselves using self-service catalogue. Using our platform, your customers’ can easily service common problems or requests through online portals.

User and Access Management

Keep your system access under your control with virtual workers. Automation ensures that all your systems know who to let in, who to help out and who to keep out.

Request & Change Management

Receive your customers’ requests and manage change with ease using virtual workers. With our platform, even bespoke customer processes are easily managed and precisely recorded into your systems.

Incident Management

Understand and resolve your incidents quickly – with automatized priority checks. While our virtual workers easily resolve common issues, your critical resources can resolve major ones.

Problem Management

Controls your incident escalation across support with alert and feed automation. Take time dealing with major incidences in confidence, knowing your system is automated by virtual workers.

Progress Chasing

Understand the progress of your customers’ requests without chasing. Our automation platform updates and delivers progress updates, without the need for your employees to pursue.

Billing and Account Queries

Put your customer’s mind at ease quickly by automating queries on accounts. Whether it is a technical or administrative query, rest assured that they will resolved rapidly.

Updating or Closing Existing Cases

When an existing case changes or closes make sure your systems know about it. Virtual Workers stop your cases becoming complicated by intercepting and feeding your systems with the right data.

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