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Your customers entrust business services to you on the promise of efficiency and improvement. Running “their mess for less” just won’t cut it. But delivery of the holy grail of cost reduction, efficiency improvement and service enhancement can be an elusive challenge. We are here to help to you surpass your customers’ expectations so you can work on building meaningful service relationships. We achieve this through service automation, freeing your staff from mundane to focus on value. Working together, we can help you to excel and get the most from your skilled resources.

6 Process Examples

Shared service operations

Focus on delivering your service while automation makes your shared services efficient. Using our platform, you can increase resource availability as repetitive processes are taken care of.

Customer transition

You know that customer transition requires painstaking migration of records and data from the existing or inhouse provider. Create a smooth transition for your new customer as you place the strain of transition on virtual workers.

Record synchronisation

Most outsourcing relationships are hampered by multiple data sources and many systems of record. Synchronize your records across multiple systems – without the need to rekey data. Our virtual workers provide assurance your systems are all up to date with the same critical information.

Incident management

Automate incident management with virtual workers tracking, logging, diagnosing and resolving or escalating incidents. Manage and respond to incidents in accordance with their levels of importance, ensuring your customers service is uninterrupted.

Service level reporting

Monitor and analyse your service levels with automated reporting by virtual workers. Consistently hit your service level agreements as automation provides you with extra time to implement insights.

Labor rightshoring

Often the only way to deliver cost reduction has been to seek lower cost labor in offshore locations. Our platform provides a digital workforce which makes it possible for your service to be provided onshore at a viable cost.By combining virtual workers and your staff, you can now pick optimum business locations while cutting costs and delivering an improved service.

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