The Problem with People…

18/10/2016 | News, Staff, Uncategorized
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The Problem with People

When you’re running a business one of your greatest assets is also the cause of all of your problems: people.  It is possible that this view won’t go down well with a lot of HR professionals but it’s about time we called some of these things out:

Not my department 

We all know one of these. 

Give me a break

There are laws against forcing your staff to work without a break, and for good reason too.  But every break is unproductive time.  And unproductive time is costing your business money.

If I ignore it…

Ever witnessed a group of people failing to answer a ringing telephone?  This behaviour happens all the time across all types of tasks.  Whether employees think a task is ‘beneath them’, out of scope, or they simply can’t be bothered, it’s something that no amount of workshopping your cultural identity is going to overcome.

People can’t work with technology

Sometimes.  I’ll save you a paragraph by suggesting you watch ‘Email in Real Life’ by Tripp & Tyler.

Taking people out of the equation

Office work as carried out today comes with the burden of skills silos which are useful for hiring the right kind of people, but terrible when it comes to creating a broad base of productivity upon which an organisation can build.  Every function, whether IT, Finance, Marketing or Sales comes with basic, fundamental tasks that people feel either uninspired or disinclined to do.  To overcome this, we need to take people out of the equation.  If you want to find out how, please get in touch.

Written by Dean Chapman – Commercial Director, Thoughtonomy

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