Intelligent Automation & Digital Workers

Why use Thoughtonomy instead of Ui Path

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Scale with Ease

We provide you with an easily scalable SaaS automation platform, making digital workers available whenever and wherever you need them.

Inbuilt Intelligence

Out-of-the-box intelligent automation platform which is ready to drive, so any team can get digital workers up and running quickly.

Back to Front Office Ready

From front office customer interactions to back office administration, our digital workers are ready to work on tasks in any area of your business.

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Helping organizations big and small to do more.

“ We are a rapidly growing company, and we actively sought out automation solutions not to get rid of people, but to free up our team to deliver to the best of their ability. The Thoughtonomy Virtual Workforce® provided us with an easy-to-implement RPA solution to achieve our strategy of gaining business efficiencies, and to nurture a happier workplace.”

Martin Filler

Operational Change Manager


Our industry is changing rapidly. We need to be in a position to make swift changes that enable us to serve consumers and our customers as quickly as possible. We see our automation strategy as a critical way for us to stay ahead of the curve.

Christopher O'Neill

Senior Vice President Operations


  • Unlock the value of your workforce

    We’ve helped organizations like yours unlock the potential of their workforce with intelligent automation. By deploying Digital Workers into your business, you can free them from the repetitive and time intensive tasks that slow them down, so they can focus on the more rewarding and value-added tasks that make your business stand out.

  • Turnkey Intelligence from IADA

    Digital Workers powered by AI algorithms make scaling to any size of deployment easy. Cognitive intelligence dynamically orchestrates Virtual Workers, which pro-actively maximizes utilization — and productivity. As the workload is balanced and the AI continues to learn, throughput and business priorities are met and optimum ROI is delivered for your business.

  • Built for Business

    We’ve built the Virtual Workforce with business in mind —providing you with the management and control that exceeds expectations. By approaching it in an intuitive way, our UX means you can build automations without the need to code.

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