Why Virtual Workers Improve Job Satisfaction

06/12/2016 | News, Uncategorized

Virtual Workers Improve Job Satisfaction

Something I’m often asked is whether Robotic Process Automation and Virtual Workforce technology will replace whole swathes of jobs. It makes for great copy on a slow news day to say that the robots are going to take over.

But job replacement is not where Thoughtonomy is at.  We’re focusing on creating a world of work where highly repetitive, mundane tasks can be dealt with at a Virtual Worker level, freeing up people to focus on doing the stuff they’re actually paid to do. Let me offer you a few examples:

Tasks that do not require complex problem solving.

A binary “yes or no” question can be assessed, and the decision executed, far faster by a computer than by a person. The only value that a person could add, is to not make a mistake. Data routing and standard processes should take place almost instantaneously, leaving your people free to focus on exceptions or interpreting unstructured information. RPA helps you decide what needs compute power and what needs brainpower.

Tasks that require duplication.

If you have a sales or field service team it’s likely that they’ll be expected to re-key information into some form of CRM tool. Their ability to be accurate is constrained by user interface, time and the willingness of the individual to undertake that data input. In this instance RPA helps improve pipeline accuracy and customer data collection, and lets the sales and services teams focus on carrying out the tasks that will ultimately deliver your bottom line and customer service targets.

Tasks involving distribution of data.

Behind every dashboard is an analyst who has stayed up all night trying to get the data to export correctly from Excel. Automating this kind of task gives you greater accuracy and consistency (and gives the analyst their life back).

Viewed through a task-based lens, the value of using RPA to create a virtual workforce becomes much clearer. It demonstrates how you can remove productivity barriers, increase efficiencies, and by taking away the onerous tasks, give your employees greater job satisfaction.

If you’d like to find out more about how RPA and the Thoughtonomy Virtual Workforce® could improve your employees’ job satisfaction, or if you’d like a demonstration, get in touch.

Written by Danny Major – Head of Services, Thoughtonomy.

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